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Buy Total Bee Plus on Amazon

Use code 15OFFTBG during checkout for $15 off!

Buy Total Bee GT on Amazon

Use code 15OFFTBG during checkout for $15 off!

Total Bee Plus Contains

Royal Jelly
Bee Pollen

Common Uses/Benefits

Energy / Stamina
Immune system health
Guard against colds/flu
Weight Loss
Libido/reproductive function

Total Bee GT Contains

Bee Pollen
Apple Cider Vinegar
Green Tea Extract
Dandelion Root
Royal Jelly

Common Uses/Benefits

Weight Loss
Digestive system health
Metabolic health
Energy / Stamins


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How do I leave a review on Amazon?

It’s very easy – Amazon will email you a link inviting you to review your purchase once you’ve received the product. Or, you can simply login to your account, click on ‘Orders’, click on your order with The Natural Shopper, then click ‘Leave a Review’.

Is It Required to Leave a Review to Qualify for This?

Absolutely Not!

How Much Will This Cost?

The regular MSRP for Total Bee Plus and Total Bee GT on Amazon is $34.95 and we’ve reduced this to $26.95 for the period of this promotion – so your cost will be only $11.95 for one bottle (plus S&H), a saving of 65% off MSRP

You’re Practically Giving This Away, Why?

We know you’ll like our products and it’s valuable to us for you to share your results with other users and other potential customers.

This is a short-term promotion valid only while stocks last.

What’s in these products, what do they do?

Learn more about Total Bee Plus here

Learn more about Total Bee GT here

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