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Bee Pollen Weight Loss and Lifestyle Changes

The most common question we receive via email from our site visitors is whether or not bee products can help with weight loss.

There’s an epidemic in the USA and parts of Europe, obesity, diabetes, heart-related conditions, stroke, cancer – each of these diseases can in specific circumstances be worked back to our diets. So wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could take a pill and make the problem(s) go away?

Do you seriously think that bee pollen is that pill or royal jelly perhaps? Of course not, the problem is too complex to be something which can be cured by a natural weight loss pill. But under certain circumstances, they might help and I’ll discuss this below. [learn more about weight loss and bee pollen here]

What is at the root of these issues is lifestyle. We all know this, we can see it and we can see the evidence of it in our everyday lives. We lead less active lifestyles as a nation, we eat less healthy foods, and we are more highly stressed by our environment – all of these factors lead to us gaining weight.

I always like to make a distinction between natural therapy, like herbal remedies and holistic healing, and conventional medicine delivered in the form of prescription drugs. The distinction is quite simple. We turn to conventional medicine after the damage is done after the condition occurs, and we turn to holistic medicine when we find that the conventional treatments aren’t working for us as they should. I know this isn’t true of everyone, there are some people who manage their health differently and take a more proactive approach to leading a healthy lifestyle.

But for many, we let ourselves get out of control, we get sick, we visit our doctor, we’re either prescribed some medicines or told to go home and lose weight, then we look for natural remedies as the last resort.

The whole approach actually beggars belief. What chance do we have of getting ourselves healthy when we wait until we’re sick before we start?

Video – Information on bee products

 Back to the subject of pills, weight loss, bee products – and can they help:

What’s needed in my opinion is not to change the effect but to change the cause. If we can take something magical which perhaps helps us implement some basic lifestyle changes, there may not be a need to look at treating the condition.

What if we start out by tackling the cause of many of the issues. What if taking a small pill, royal jelly, or perhaps bee pollen, caused us to alter the way we approach our food intake. Rather than habitual eating, we eat only when we’re hungry. Rather than eating a specific amount of food based on past eating habits and what we’re given as a typical food portion, we eat only until our hunger is satisfied. And what if we were less hungry to begin with, and we could adopt the previous two strategies on top of a lower requirement for caloric intake?

Bee pollen has been shown to have some benefits in acting as a suppressant. Royal jelly benefits are commonly linked with hormonal regulation. On the latter, men tend to read “hormonal regulation” and think that it applies only to menopausal women. It does not, it’s something of equal importance to both men and woman and is relevant from our early teenage years into our old age.

Taking a natural substance which suppresses our appetite and one which balances and regulates our hormones, may have the added side-effect of forcing a lifestyle change upon us without our actually knowing.

The result of that change may be that we eat less and feel better for it. When we transform what we do eat more efficiently into energy, we naturally feel more energized and more inclined to want to expend that energy through physical activity.

So whilst a pill may not be a cure for weight loss, it just might be the catalyst we need to trigger a chain of events which could actually cause us to lose weight.

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