Bee Product Healthy Recipe for a refreshing energy drink

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Looking for a healthy approach to diet and weight loss*? Need more energy*?

Need protection against ailments such as colds and flu*?

Tired of expensive supplements that don’t do what the manufacturer say’s they will do?

If you are looking for something really special, I have a great alternative to ‘popping-pills’ that might just be what you have been searching for.

This is a unique ‘recipe’ of ingredients – a very special combination of premium grade, fresh, unprocessed bee products, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

The basic ingredients of this recipe include:

Fresh liquid royal jelly
Wholegrain bee pollen granules
Fresh, raw, unprocessed wildflower honey
Cayenne Pepper!
Ginger Root
Mixed all-spice
Fresh Lemons
Fresh Limes
Fresh Oranges

The recipe is flexible, so you can add or subtract to suit your personal tastes.

What is really special about this recipe is the result! – an energizing, invigorating fruit-punch, that is packed with nutrients and tastes really great!

Just replace the occasional lunch or breakfast and reap the benefits. – Don’t drive yourself crazy in the same way that you do with all of the other diets…remember, in addition to its appetite suppressing qualities, bee pollen and also royal jelly are both associated with weight control – each have ‘balancing’ and ‘regulating’ properties that may help your quest.

So what is so special about this recipe? –

Products like apples, carrots, bee pollen, royal jelly and honey etc contain nutritional elements and in some cases ‘live enzymes’, that are ‘damaged’ or diminished when heated. We all know that eating raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables is better for our health than heating the same produce cooked.


Recent tests and studies on the effects of cooking vegetables have uncovered some interesting facts. Raw vegetables, carrots, in particular, contain nutrients called ‘beta carotenes’ that are considered extremely beneficial as ‘anti-oxidants’ and can be extremely beneficial to our health. It has been found in recent studies that the beta-carotene level of carrots actually increases as they are cooked!

So, one of the key aspects of this recipe is to combine cooked ingredients with raw ingredients, in such a way as to create a pleasant tasting drink which has been ‘optimized’ for nutritional content!

OK, what do I need to get started? – You will need some basic kitchen utensils as follows:

Grater for grating lemon peel.
Small funnel
Large saucepan that will hold 2 gallons (with lid preferably).
Blender (optional, but convenient).

You will need some basic ingredients – most of which you can buy very easily at the grocery store, the others you can buy in kit-form from this website.

The essential ingredients of this recipe that cannot be bought from the local store are the fresh liquid royal jelly, unprocessed honey with royal jelly and wholegrain bee pollen granules.

We want you to buy these essential ingredients from this site, as we know that the quality of our bee products has not been compromised through processing – the nutritional integrity is intact….this is critical.


Q/ How long does it take to make?

A/ There is around 25 minutes of preparation time, 60 minutes of cooking time, 2 hours to let the product cool, then around 15 minutes to add the final ingredients to the cool mix and bottle. (you can bottle in a 1-gallon milk container, or into individual bottles).

Q/ Is it difficult to make?

A/ No it is really simple. If you can peel a carrot you can make this drink! – You may need an extra pair of hands when you pour the liquid from the large saucepan through the sieve/strainer. Otherwise, it’s peachy simple.

Q/ Does it need to be kept refrigerated?

A/ Yes – The way this is prepared, some of the royal jelly will never enter hot liquid, so the finished drink needs to be kept cool – nothing weird here, just treat it like your milk container.

Q/ I haven’t taken bee products before, can I take this?

A/ Yes, but personally I would just try a royal jelly/pollen supplement first to make sure you don’t go through all of this trouble to find that bee products do not agree with you. Try ‘Total Bee Plus’ for a month Add to Cart

Q/ Is this like a ‘smoothie’ deal?

A/ No, not really. There is no yogurt in it. Its texture is like orange juice and it tastes like orange and apple juice mixed. It has a little ‘bite’ from the cayenne, but the recipe will show you how to neutralize that if you wish. You can taste the cinnamon and just a little nutmeg – it’s a great fruity punch drink!

That’s It – if you have a little spare time to spend in the kitchen, need a healthy, energizing drink that provides you with all of the essential nutrients that your body needs, and if you can associate with the wide range of benefits that bee products might deliver – look no further.

Common Sense Statements:- This is not a ‘doctor formulated’ recipe, it may not suit everyone. Taking herbs, vitamins and bee products as dietary supplements may improve your health and vitality and may provide your body with a safe and natural resistance against common ailments. However, *statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Always consult your doctor before taking health supplements, particularly if you are taking prescription medications or have any pre-existing conditions.

For more information on bee products, start here.

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