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  • Immune System / Well-being 46%
  • Weight Loss / Energy / Stamina 32%
  • Other Specific Conditions 22%

Poll Result: Top Reasons People Use Bee Products

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Our Natural Health Resources Index

Royal Jelly Information – a listing of articles, news and resources discussing royal jelly, its many benefits and uses along with various guides to buying royal jelly and other bee products.

Bee Pollen Information – resources on the uses and benefits of bee pollen. We discuss the weigh loss benefits of bee pollen and take a look over its traditional uses and benefits, including energy, stamina and immune system health.

Propolis Information – A sticky, resinous substance collected from plants and trees and mixed with bee secretions, but what are its benefits and uses in the medicinal world? We have a series of articles and resources on the many benefits of bee propolis, including links with cancer treatment, mouth ulcers, and anti viral / bacterial / microbial benefits.

Bee Products and health – a general index of articles and information on the many uses and benefits of product from the beehive.

General Health Index – articles and information on natural health topics, including fertility, weight loss, diet and exercise.

Diet and Weight Loss – we take another more general look at the subject of diet and weightloss, including more information on the role of bee pollen in natural weight loss along with other topics including juicing and exercise.

Amino Acids – a series of short articles on amino acids and how the body utilizes these chemicals to maintain balanced health. We look at the essential and non-essential amino acids.

Free eBook on royal jelly products – the link says it all. Download a free book on royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey and learn about bee products from the experts.

Our Natural Health Blog – please browse our natural health blog where you’ll see many topics discussed, including detailed blog posts on bee products.

For newbies we recommend starting with the above video, a quick and easy guide to understanding bee products, what they are, where they come from and what they’re used for.

We start the video out with a look at royal jelly and discuss its vitamin properties and health benefits. Bee pollen is discussed next, touching on its properties and use by athletes as a supplement to increase stamina and endurance. Propolis benefits are discusses and we wrap up with a look at honey, much more than just an artificial sweetener.

Spend a couple minutes with the above video as a quick intro to bee products, then use the links above to delve into more detailed information.

Bee Propolis Capsules – color – taste – odor

There are a number of ways to extract the active ingredient propolis, from the sticky, resinous substance that is removed from the beehive. The type of extraction process used can and usually does add to the odor of the finished propolis capsules. Alcohol, or food...

Bee Pollen

Hey Folks! For a limited time we're offering our whole grain bee pollen in bulk, by the pound. It's the same great stuff we use in our capsules, only in bulk form. The capsules have been extremely popular since we introduced them a few months back so we thought we'd...

Info on royal jelly

Thanks to TNS for the new article explaining some history behind the use of royal jelly. You can read the royal jelly article here It's interesting to bear in mind that in ancient times the people who administered medicine did not have access to labs and test...

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