Premium Royal Jelly 1000mg


Organically Produced – 100 capsules per bottle – 1000mg per capsule (concentrated powder from fresh liquid royal jelly).

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Product Information:

USA Made – Premium Grade Royal Jelly in potent 1000mg capsules – more of what’s good for you at a lower price.
Highest Quality Guarantee – minimal processing and NEVER exposed to heat – live enzymes intact.
Taken by many for increased energy, reproductive health and immune system benefits – use only the finest raw ingredients for your health.
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Label Details:

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement adults take 2 capsules once or twice daily or as recommended by your health practitioner.
Guarantee: All our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Notes: Royal Jelly is a 3:1 concentrate, 333mg is equivalent to 1000mg raw.
Capsule shell: GelCaps | Color: Clear, contents light/pale near white|

Product Information:

Never heated – live enzymes intact – highest nutritional integrity – minimum 5-6% 10 HDA

Our products are made here in the USA in our FDA licensed and regulated facility. We work to stringent eGMP standards ensuring our raw ingredients, processes and finished products meet the very highest standards of quality and integrity.

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premium grade royal jelly wholesale

guaranteed fresh royal jelly freeze-driedOur organically produced royal jelly is freshly lyophilized (freeze-dried) to remove the water content, ensuring it is fresh and contaminant free when it reaches you. Retaining the live enzymes is an important factor in how it is processed – many companies are not equipped to handle this product in a way which preserves its nutrient and enzyme content. You can literally feel the difference between a ‘dead’ product and ours which is a nutritionally intact all natural supplement.

Also, when working with liquid vitamins it is common practice for manufacturers to pasteurize the product in accordance with food handling/processing procedures. This substance is classed as a food product and its handling requirements are in line with other liquid food stuffs, such as fruit juices, vegetable juices etc, in that it must be pasteurized by law. Most manufacturers are extremely guarded about this fact, as you can imagine. It is imperative that you source unpasteurized natural health products. Our bee product raw ingredients have never been exposed to heat or pasteurized.

Common Benefits* (People who take bee products do so to) –

– Stay protected against viruses and flu*
– Boost energy and stamina*
– Enhance mood and reduce stress*
– Balance and regulate body systems and hormones*
– Suppress cravings and unhealthy appetite* Moderate body weight*
– Rebuild bones, tissue and muscle*
– Improve the health of skin / hair / nails*
– Improve fertility, virility and reproductive function

Similar Products – As an alternative to using royal jelly in single form, try a combination with bee pollen, propolis and honey – Total Bee Plus

The Different Types of Royal Jelly

RJ is generally found capsulated (freeze dried powder), or in liquid form. In some instances, liquid RJ is combined with honey, which provides natural preservative properties. When in liquid form, it is generally pasteurized in accordance with food handling requirements. Pasteurized RJ is nutritionally impaired and contains no live enzymes. It should be avoided in preference to products which have been cold-processed.

Freeze Dried Royal Jelly (lyophilized) vs “Fresh”

Our 1000mg RJ is freeze dried on removal from the beehive and formed into capsules for freshness and longevity. The process for creating powder from liquid is called ‘freeze drying’ or ‘lyophilization’. It is a process widely used in the food industry to extract water from food substances without the use of heat and without affecting the nutritional integrity of the final product. There is debate among consumers which has been fueled by one or two manufacturers who market their ‘liquid’ products erroneously. They claim that somehow the water removal process of freeze drying removes nutrients. It does not. This is a cold-air process which removes only moisture as a way of preserving the substance and preserving the nutrient content and protecting it from contamination. There is a certain hypocrisy in the claims of these manufacturers who tout ‘fresh’ as being superior to freeze-dried, as most commonly their product has been pasteurized.

Powdered RJ does not need to be pasteurized nor does it need to be treated with chemical preservatives, and it can usually be stored for up to 3 years. Here is blog post on freeze dried versus fresh, should you require further explanation, and a useful article on the differences of royal jelly here, which clarifies the differences between freeze dried and liquid products.

To be clear – freeze dried is superior to liquid as it retains all of the nutritional benefits, without the need for chemical preservatives. So please be careful and try to research and understand exactly what it is that you are buying, not all of it is created equal. Learn about the different types of RJ capsules here.