At The Natural Shopper We Specialize in Beehive Products!

The Natural Shopper is an innovative nutritional supplement company headquartered in Egg Harbor Wisconsin, supplier of high quality beehive products.

The Natural Shopper specialize in honeybee productsThe four main substances which can be removed from the beehive and used for their nutritive benefits are – royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey. When the four substances are combined, it is possible to cover the entire spectrum of nutrition, with all main vitamins, minerals and essential amino acid groups.

Our products are manufactured strictly in the USA, we source domestic ingredients and materials wherever possible. All raw materials are tested for freshness, potency and freedom from contamination. When we process a raw material we do so using proprietary techniques to ensure the nutritional integrity of the product. Over the years this has led to the development of techniques for removing moisture from raw materials without the damaging use of heat.

When you buy bee products from us you can rest assured that we stand by all our products and offer you excellent customer service to ensure the whole experience is to your satisfaction.

Our ‘flagship’ product for the past nine years has been ‘Total Bee Plus’. If you are new to bee products, or a seasoned veteran, we highly recommend that you experience what the perfect combination of the four ingredients from the beehive can bring to your life.