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Customer Feedback and Testimonials. We are receiving overwhelming feedback on our range of Bee products, particularly the combination products like Total Bee Plus. It is hardly surprising when you consider the great value they provide and the comprehensive range of benefits. We have always advocated the use of Bee products in ‘combination’ form – the […]

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At The Natural Shopper We Specialize in Beehive Products! The Natural Shopper is an innovative nutritional supplement company headquartered in Egg Harbor Wisconsin, supplier of high quality beehive products. The four main substances which can be removed from the beehive and used for their nutritive benefits are – royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey. […]

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To request a product sample, please use the form below. Please note that due to high costs, we’re only able to send out 20 samples each month. We allocate samples on a simple lottery basis. Thanks for your understanding. If you’d like to go ahead and order product now, to avoid delays, please use this […]

Gives me lots of energy!!, February 4, 2013 By happygolucky84 – Amazon Verified Purchase 5.0 out of 5 stars Bee products

This review is for: USA Royal Jelly in Total Bee Plus, includes bee pollen, propolis and honey (Health and Beauty) I am SO glad I tried this product because it has made a huge difference in how I feel. I sleep better, I have more energy, and I know it’s also helped support my immune system. Highly recommend!

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Power of the Beehive
promote health with bee products

Promote Health

Promote good health with supplements and skincare products from the hive.


Increase energy naturally

Increase Energy

Feel more vibrant and energized with Royal Jelly and products from the hive.


Boost the immune system

Boost Immunity

Help boost your immune system with beehive products.


Feel Better with products from the beehive

Feel Better

Enhance your well-being and protect yourself from the inside and out.


Start Out With Total Bee Plus Today!

All four bee products in one capsule – Total Bee Plus

Health From The Hive

15 Years of research, formulation and manufacturing of the finest beehive products money can buy.

Total Bee Plus from The Natural Shopper

Total Bee Plus

Royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey in 1 capsule.

royal jelly - learn more and buy here

Royal Jelly

1000mg Per Capsule of Premium Quality Royal Jelly.

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen

Fresh, wholegrain bee pollen granules, sold bulk or capsules.

Bee Propolis - buy here

Bee Propolis

Double Strength 1000 mg Bee Propolis Capsules.

Natural skincare with royal jelly, propolis and beeswax

Natural Skincare

Organic and/or natural skincare products artisan made with raw ingredients from the beehive.