Folks, we’ve held off from making a price increase on our products for way too long. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of our premium grade royal jelly and propolis extract, we’ve had to increase pricing on Total Bee Plus and Total Bee GT, as of March 23rd.

We still offer the best value and absolutely the best quality.

When comparison shopping, please be sure to note that our Total Bee Plus contains all four of the ingredients from the beehive and has more royal jelly potency than any comparable product on the market!

Also, Total Bee GT has now been on the market for over a year and the feedback has been outstanding. The combination of bee pollen alongside apple cider vinegar, Green Tea extract and dandelion root has helped many with appetite suppression, water retention and ultimately to help shed unwanted pounds.

Weight loss supplement which actually work are few and far between, so we’re proud to have such a loyal following of repeat customers for our Total Bee GT product, and of course, our long time best selling Total Bee Plus.

Why not try our monthly Auto-ship program for Total Bee Plus? We’ve locked down the original pricing for Auto-ship customers and we promise to never increase it during the life of your subscription. Sign up for a monthly bottle of Total Bee Plus here

Total Bee Plus and Total Bee GT with royal Jelly