Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to say that we’re looking for new distributors and retail outlets for our bee product line.

Our new line of natural skincare products has proven very popular with our retailers and online customers and we feel this gives people an opportunity to represent an exciting new brand, either skin care, or supplements or both!

On our supplements line, we’ve recently revised pricing on our entire line to make them more attractive to resellers, so you can make great margins selling these through your store or to friends and associates from your home.

Our supplement line features Total Bee Plus as our flagship product, and we also have royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis in standardized form.

All of our natural skincare products feature natural ingredients from the beehive combined with natural and wherever possible, organic herbals. For example, we utilize organic aloe in our skin products, cucumber, tea tree oil, Hemp (omega 3), fresh food-grade royal jelly and propolis, and many more natural ingredients.

You can learn more about our natural skincare line here

If you have any questions about becoming a dealer for The Natural Shopper, please review our Dealer information page here, or contact us here.

Beehive Bay skincare