Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since we made an update!

Several of our new skin care products are now on the shelf, including customer favorites ‘Royal Jelly eye/face creme’ and ‘Worker Bee Creme’.

Our eye creme can be found here

We’ve changed the packaging on all our skincare products to make them more eco-friendly. Our cremes are now in treated tins which can be reused, and we’ve sourced packaging with the least amount of harmful impact on the environment.

Our RJ creme formula has the same great ingredients, though we’ve made it a little more absorptive on the skin, so there isn’t quite the same oilyness after use.

We’ve also increased the size from 0.5 oz to 0.75 oz with only a $3 price increase for the 50% extra product.

Our Worker Bee Creme can be found here

We’ve modified our formula on the Worker Bee Creme to include Propolis, and also to make the blend a little more gentle, for use on all areas of the body and not just the hands. It’s just as potent and effective as before, even more so with the added benefit of the Propolis.

Our Omega 3 Hemp Lotion is going to be added to our site just as soon as we get to it!