Royal Jelly Eye Creme from Lac VerdeWell, we’re edging ever closer with our new skin care line!

It isn’t exactly new per se, but it’s reformulated and repackaged with a few exciting add-ons!

First and foremost the products are going to be the best that they possibly can be. We’re using ingredients such as royal jelly, propolis, Mango, Cucumber and many more all-natural substances to enhance and support the skin in a variety of ways.

So far our line will include –

Royal Jelly Eye Creme

Royal Jelly Facial Creme for Night/Day Use

Omega-3 Hemp Body Lotion with royal jelly

Worker Bee Hand Salve

And more to come!

Another aspect of which we’re particularly proud is that we’re making our packaging as eco-friendly as is humanly possible. We’re selecting reusable tins for most of the line, biodegradable cardboard packaging, water-based inks on recycled paper labels, and much more.

Bookmark this blog post and we’ll be back to update you in a couple weeks when items start to hit the online store. If you’re interested in carrying our brand in your retail store, or selling amongst family and friends for a profit, just send us an email or contact us here