Total Bee Plus Updated Formula – Even Better Than Before!

Total Bee Plus new and improved formula with potent propolisFor almost 12 months we’ve been working at improving our Total Bee Plus formula, with the constraints of avoiding a price increase and avoiding a move to a larger capsule.

In the first step we improved our Propolis extraction process to gain more active ingredient and a more pure extract.

The new process brought a few comments about a slightly stronger Propolis scent in the new pills.
We’ve now increased the grind mesh so we produce a finer powder and most of the Propolis scent has gone.

The appearance of the powder has changed as a result of the finer grind on the Propolis.
Bee Pollen is yellow, Propolis is dark brown/black, royal jelly is off-white and honey powder is off-white. As a result of the finer grind on the Propolis the blended powder now has a slightly more grey appearance and the dark specs of Propolis chunks visible in the past are no longer present in the powder.

Lastly, we’ve been required to make a small labeling change to stay in compliance with the new FDA regulations on product labeling.

Enjoy Your Total Bee Plus!

From 4 veggie capsules daily –

Royal Jelly 2400mg (600mg per cap, 3:1 concentrated powder)
Bee Pollen 1600mg (400mg per capsules)
Propolis 800mg (200mg per cap, 2:1 concentrated powder)
Honey 200mg (50mg per cap)

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