Hi Folks,

So we’re into the 2nd half of August almost, and we’re just getting around to issuing a discount code for the month! In fact, it isn’t even for the month, just through August 20th. The discount code is TBP55 and you can use that for an instant discount on Total Bee Plus (Only Total Bee this month, sorry).

You can read more about TBP here

Also, we’re just getting back to a straight edge following our royal jelly shortage scare. Yes, it’s getting difficult to source the top quality royal jelly that we use in our supplement products. The cheaper, lower-grade stuff is easy to get a hold of, but we do not use that at The Natural Shopper, not even in our skin care products.

So there’s been a little delay for some of our customers but the good news is that we’re back on track with a new batch of RJ and orders are going out smoothly again!

If you’re not sure what the difference is between the quality and lesser quality royal jelly, and the benefits that the good stuff has over the lower quality product, then start at this page – royal jelly quality and benefits information.