I came across and article a few days ago with a title something along the lines of
Fighting Deadly Diabetes With Royal Jelly“.
There’s a lot inferred in that short title, so let’s dig into the facts surrounding royal jelly and diabetes. Firstly, there aren’t that many facts to look at since very little research has been conducted into this substances affect (if any) on diabetes.
It seems to start with China, where royal jelly has been used to combat diabetes and to keep regulate blood sugar levels. That is at least what it is taken for, though we can’t say with confidence that it is ‘effective for’.
Clinically, which is more of what we’re interested in, it has shown to reduce blood sugar levels in lab animals. According to the article I referred to at the start, “Royal Jelly effectively decreases hypoglycemia, metabolic and hyperglycemia”. It goes on to speculate that diabetes is actually caused by the lack of the hormone “insulin” and that certain compounds (Chromium and Sulphur were named) are “like” insulin and therefor help the body to protect itself from diabetes.

These articles are written not be researchers or medical professionals but most commonly by people who write articles for a living on a wide range of different subjects. The web is rife with such nonsense, written by people entirely unqualified to be let loose with an opinion.

Now I’m not saying that all of what you read online about the benefits of royal jelly, bee products etc, is erroneous, just that you need to be careful with what you read, starting with ‘where you read it’.

What perplexed me regarding this particular article is that the writer crossed the line “The most important thing is that Royal Jelly is free from side effects” – that’s the type of irresponsible statement which can get people sick, and really drags down the industry as a whole. If you’re going to employ these cheap article writers at least have the diligence to check their work and make sure they’re not getting into areas which are completely false and could cause people harm.
Royal jelly can be a beneficial component within an all around healthy approach to diet and nutrition. Sure, it has certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids which have proven beneficial in many areas of nutritional health, and sure, it might well contribute in some ways to managing blood sugar and working alongside other lifestyle components to prevent the onset of diseases like diabetes. But as publishers, let’s be safe and responsible about what we publish online. As readers, I recommend that you do your research only at reputable websites like this one. If you’re looking to start a more in-depth exploration into the benefits of royal jelly, then WIKI is a good place to start, along with this page here.