We get asked quite frequently for medical advice and we always decline, since we are not qualified to dispense it. This actually creates a dilemma for people because they feel inclined to want to seek alternative health and holistic forms of treatments, but they have no idea how and where to get professional advice.

Generally speaking traditional medicine doctors are not willing or able to recommend more esoteric natural remedies and treatments, though there are a few exceptions.

Hypnosis has become a fairly common treatment in traditional practices as has acupuncture. But if you’re looking to get feedback on specific herbal medications then you’re probably going to either draw a blank, or have them dismissed out of hand.

A while back I had treatment for elevated blood pressure and I raised the possibility of alternative health treatments with my general practitioner. He was somewhat receptive and recommended the use of Fish Oil capsules but had nothing to offer when I specifically asked about the use of royal jelly. He had certainly heard of it, and did not try to talk me out of it, but really couldn’t say anything informative or constructive about the use of royal jelly or other bee products for high blood pressure.

Fortunately I really don’t need to have his specific advice on those particular substances since I already know how useful they can be. But for other people, it would have probably closed the door on their considering alternative and holistic forms of treatment.

So what options do you have?

There are more and more alternative health centers emerging around the USA providing a very viable option when it comes to health care and health treatments. These centers range from being quite small one-person operations, to larger clinics which bare a resemblance to the typical health centers we find run by private healthcare providers. These facilities can be very well equipped and are generally run by highly trained and qualified staff. Treatments can range from spa type treatments, to hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and herbal treatments and remedies.

This provides a real option for people interested in taking a more natural route to health. If you need help locating a facility near you, you might checkout this new website here – Alternative health and holistic treatment centers. They’re adding links and contact information on facilities around the country, along with reviews and other resources to help you find a natural form of healthcare.