Thanks to everyone who took part in our Burt’s Bees Prize Competition, there were some very creative comments and we had a great time reading through the 80+ entries!

Our winner is……Nicole, from Sewanee TN – 

Congratulations to Nicole – please check your email.

Nicole’s winning post was made on December 4th –

“Scottish Highland stories tell us to ‘ask the Wild Bee what the Druids knew.’ So says one of my favorite authors, P. L. Travers (who wrote “Mary Poppins”), in “What the Bee Knows,” her book of essays about myths and fairy tales. So of course I’m delighted with Total Bee Plus, which I’ve taken every day for several years now. . . I’m sure it helps me stay vital and healthy (I haven’t had the flu, or a flu shot, for years). And how wonderful to think that it may even help me understand the “wisdom of the bees”. . . Thanks ever so much for this wonderful product!

Approximately $140 retail, and on its way to Nicole in TN ASAP !!