Hey folks,

Just a quick update on a few different things brewing here at TNS!

First off, our Burt’s Bees free giveaway seems to have gotten buried in the pile. I meant to promote that and make it a lot more ‘visible’, then never really got around to it. So that’s great news for the 30 or so people in line for getting this great prize.

A few people have asked about our product line and if we have any plans for expansion in the new year. Well, the customers who’ve been with us for a few years will know that we’ve actually reduced our product line considerably. We were in the past dealers for Burt’s Bees and Kiss My Face skin care products, then we decided to drop those lines and add a few very select skin care products of our own. That was really a major project and took up far too much of our time. We launched the Lac Verde skin care line and it’s sold quite well, though once again we haven’t really put enough time and energy into marketing.

The royal jelly products are and will always remain our number one focus. Total Bee Plus has been around for a number of years and proves to be our best repeat-order product, which tells us one important thing – it really does work!

But yes, we have other products in development. We have a royal jelly – bee pollen – propolis and pomegranite supplement in the works along with more skin care products and also a liquid vitamin supplement using bee products and some popular herbs.

All this takes time and money and we don’t want to lose sight of our main focus and commitment to providing exceptional products with exceptional value along with great customer service.

So I’ll keep you updated of changes as we go into 2012. Ugghhh…did I just mention 2012? – sorry about that!

Take care!