Today, we are going to be hunting at why, when it comes to the preservation of bee pollen freeze drying is superior to fresh frozen. But ahead of we dive into that, let’s take a brief search at the other options faced when getting bee pollen dietary supplements.

When it comes to the planet of Apitherapy, there are so numerous choices pollen, royal jelly, propolis, honey, beeswax &amp honeycomb. Even so, I’m relatively particular that you currently know which is the best choice for you, hence your arrival right here!

But just like Apitherapy there are a horde of choices when it comes to selecting the appropriate pollen items for you.

Whether or not it is freeze-dried or fresh frozen

What Kind Is It In: granulated, powdered, capsules &amp tablets

Where is it from? China, UK, USA, Australia &amp New Zealand

Whether or not or not to buy pollen with added ingredients, such as enzymes, herbs and so on.

These all make the method of purchasing the right pollen a nightmare. Although it’s secure to say that the ideal pollen comes from New Zealand and the ideal form to buy them is in capsules, and the only factor you want added is helpful enzymes.

You are of course already making use of pollen with those aspects, are not you?

And if you happen to be not, you really should be! Since only with those qualities will you get the wellbeing benefits and energy boosting effects, you have been hunting for.

As I stated in the opening sentence, we are going to see why freeze drying bee pollen is a far better preservation approach than fresh frozen.

Although fresh-frozen pollen sounds like any naturalists perfect alternative, particularly due to the degree of moisture left within the product it just isn’t the very best.

Fresh-frozen pollen presents many problems when it comes to the preservation of the pollen’s nutrients. In the extremely starting, the pollen and its nutrients are preserved adequately and there is minimal nutrient loss.

But as you carry on to go into your freezer, take out your pollen, use what you require and then replace it in the freezer, the nutrient ranges begin to decay and dither.

The more instances that this approach takes place, the lower the levels of nutrition turn out to be right up until they are non-existent. This isn’t exactly the very best situation for your pollen, inside a handful of days your supplement will be quite worthless.

At ideal the fresh-frozen preservation technique has only delayed the inevitable the full loss of nutritional value from your frozen pollen supplements.

Nonetheless, on the other side of the argument we have the vastly superior preservation technique of freeze drying. Not like the fresh freezing approach, this strategy does not just delay the inevitable it halts it in its tracks!

Yes, that is appropriate, with a freeze-dried product, which is also sold in capsules you can relax in the information that the levels of nutrition in your item, shall usually remain as dense as they were the day the pollen was harvested!

To avoid wasting your tough earned cash on frozen pollen which, as you now know, fails on you, usually acquire a high quality freeze-dried bee pollen supplement.

If we add in to what we know about the elements of a substantial high quality bee pollen supplement to what we know about preservation tactics we will need to have a supplement that is:

– Freeze-dried – Includes beneficial enzymes – Sold in capsules – Harvested in New Zealand

There is only one particular this kind of business that offers you all of the positive aspects of pollen and meets all of the factors we have defined.

Only at this New Zealand primarily based organization, can you find the expertise, alongside the correct tactics and procedures that are necessary to generate pollen of the caliber that you and I deserve.

To greater and preserve your well being, boycott fresh frozen pollen and often decide on a high quality freeze-dried bee pollen.

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