I just wanted to share parts from an interesting article written on bee products suppliers –

“Back to those unscrupulous marketers and their claims about “liquid” royal jelly being the only choice – if your product is pasteurized then delivered to you in liquid form, marketed as “fresh, non-lyophilized royal jelly” – well, technically the marketing blurb is correct, but what about the pasteurization stage?…don’t you think that applying heat to the substance would do great harm? I do, and it does. But surely manufacturers/processors do not pasteurize a health supplement? Well they do, and in many cases the reasons for the pasteurization relate to exporting the product in liquid form from Asia to the USA, where it is further processed for resale to consumers. The pasteurization is required to remove/prevent harmful bacteria from liquids, as required by import regulations. Let me be clear. You could be consuming fresh, liquid royal jelly which is touted as being superior to ‘freeze-dried’ royal jelly, but it may have been pasteurized prior to shipping to this country.”

The whole royal jelly article is here – it gets a little technical but it’s an interesting perspective on bee product suppliers written by the owner of The Natural Shopper.