If you’ve spent time looking around the web for royal jelly and/or bee pollen products you’ll know there’s a good deal of choice. But what is important, what should you look for?
First I would be clear on what format the products you decide on should take – that is, are you looking for capsules, liquids or granules. Most people take capsules for their convenience, but others consume fresh liquid royal jelly and bee pollen granules. Propolis also comes in capsules or liquid form, as does honey.
Assuming that you are amongst the majority who prefer capsules, here’s a basic guideline to help with your selection.

1 – Always buy products that originate here in the USA. There are some exceptions, but even they come with a risk. For example, New Zealand and Australia have a reputation for good quality, though there are obvious costs and shipping risks associated with their products. China and other parts of Asia are well known for producing the raw material and there are reputable suppliers in Asia who provide quality bulk ingredients to processors here in the States. But capsulated (ready to consume) products originating from China are generally very poor quality and often the product doesn’t contain what’s stated on the labels.

Total Bee Plus2 – If you’re looking for a replacement for multi-vitamins, or needing the complete spectrum of nutrition from your bee products, you’ll need to take all four. That is – bee pollen, royal jelly, honey and propolis. So consider a combination product that has all four ingredients in one capsule, as with Total Bee Plus. This will save you money and the ratio’s of ingredients are carefully selected for optimum benefits.

3 – Look next for the milligram (quantity) of each ingredient within the capsule. Manufacturers offering combination products like Total Bee Plus will tend to load the capsule with bee pollen, since it is much less expensive that royal jelly and propolis. Total Bee Plus is one of the few exceptions, it has 600mg of royal jelly per capsule, along with the bee pollen, propolis and honey in good quantity. So from 4 capsules per day you’ll get 2400 mg of royal jelly and 5000mg total active ingredients – a very potent capsule.

4 – Look for the number of capsules per bottle, then study what the recommended daily dosage is. Most bottles are designed to give a one month supply, but that’s not always the case, so be sure you understand what your monthly cost commitment is going to be.

5 – Quality / Integrity / Longevity – try to form a relationship with a company that’s been around for a while and has an offline presence, such as a lab facility or retail store. Usually that’s an indication of a good company.

And don’t forget, if you have questions about a product that you find online, don’t be afraid to ask! – you’ll get a good feel for the company’s commitment to customer service in the way they respond to your questions. If you have specific health questions, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive specific advice, since legally, companies are not permitted to supply medical advice unless they have a registered health care practitioner on their books.

For a more in-depth look at how to buy bee products.

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