energy and immune system health with royal jelly and bee pollen
energy and immune system health with royal jelly and bee pollen
energy and immune system health with royal jelly and bee pollen

Health and Healing From The Hive!

Welcome to The Natural Shopper – We specialize in health products from the beehive – royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis and honey. Our line includes custom formulations capturing the many health benefits of bee products combined with potent herbs.

Serving our customers since 1999, we offer only the highest quality natural products, made right here in the USA.

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The Natural Shopper for USA made royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis

Immune / Energy / Wellness

immune system support from total bee plus

Total Bee Plus – Unique product formulated for energy, immune system health and much more*. Combines all four ingredients from the hive into one potent capsule.
Priced from only $18.95


Bee Pollen - wholegrain bee pollen granulesBee Pollen – Whole grain bee pollen in a capsule. 500mg of fresh granules, 100 capsules per bottle. Compare the difference between the common pollen powders and our whole grain granules. We sell only the best.
Priced from only $9.95


Weight Loss / Wellness

weight loss formula with green tea extract and bee pollenSymbioLean – Unique product formulated for healthy weight loss and energy*. Combines all four ingredients from the beehive with green tea, dandelion root and apple cider vinegar.
Priced from only $23.95


bee propolisPropolis– Extra strength and purity from our 1000mg propolis extract capsules. High purity propolis processed in our FDA Licensed facility using proprietary techniques. Learn more about the benefits of propolis.
Priced from only $13.95


royal jelly 1000mgRoyal Jelly– 3x Concentrated 1000mg royal jelly capsules, available in 100 and 180 count. High purity royal jelly processed in our FDA Licensed facility. Learn more about the benefits of royal jelly.
Priced from only $16.95


The Natural Shopper
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Power of the Beehive

At The Natural Shopper we specialize only in health products from the beehive, focusing on harvesting premium grade royal jelly, with the highest level of active ingredient, fresh wholesome bee pollen granules, propolis with the highest level of extract purity, and the finest honey on the domestic USA market.

We sell our supplements individually or combined for your convenience in products like our best selling ‘Total Bee Plus’. [compare bee products]

We provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, extended to all aspects of our business including quality, value for money and customer service.

Try our honeybee supplements for yourself and if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return them to us at any time within 180 days from the date of purchase, for a full product refund.

IMPORTANT – Make sure the health supplements you choose are nutritionally intact, never heated, with enzymes retained in their live state – Our royal jelly – bee pollen and propolis products come with this guarantee.

Tips on buying bee products | royal jelly and fertility | view potential benefits of royal jelly  | Learn all about royal jelly

Find premium grade wholegrain bee pollen capsules and propolis capsules right here at our website. Read about bee pollen and weight loss, and propolis benefits.

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New Pricing

New Pricing

Folks, we've held off from making a price increase on our products for way too long. Unfortunately, due to the rising costs of our premium grade royal jelly and propolis extract, we've had to increase pricing on Total Bee Plus and Total Bee GT, as of March 23rd.We...

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Organic Royal Jelly

Organic Royal Jelly

We're asked a lot whether or not our royal jelly is organic, and the same question is asked of bee pollen and propolis. It isn't possible to certify royal jelly as organic, in the same way as one might certify a food product. To understand why, one has to become...

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promote health with bee products

Promote Health

Promote good health with supplements and skincare products from the hive.

Increase energy naturally

Increase Energy

Feel more vibrant and energized with Royal Jelly and products from the hive.

Boost the immune system

Boost Immunity

Help boost your immune system with beehive products.

Feel Better with products from the beehive

Feel Better

Enhance your well-being and protect yourself from the inside and out.