Bee products are commonly used to combat the affects of aging. This is primarily due to their high amino acid content, which can help improve the immune system and fight off many ailments associated with the onset of old age.
Also, topical applications of royal jelly and propolis can help rejuvenate the skin, remove wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance. Royal jelly in particular is often applied beneath the eyes and can help with crows feet and wrinkles.

The baby boomer generation are active in purchasing supplements, lotions and potions to help maintain a youthful appearance and active lifestyle. Often, supplement and skin care products can cost many hundreds of dollars each month and may have little or no tangible benefit to the user. We feel that level of expenditure is mostly unnecessary and is often the result of aggressive marketing techniques which lure people with the promise of extended life-cycles and young-for-ever appearance.
Bee products contain much more in nutritional terms than the vast majority of health supplements on the market, and their associated benefits to the immune system make place them in the elite few products that really could make a difference.

Try for yourself and report your findings here.

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